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How to Spy on WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone Android Free

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There are two ways to extract WhatsApp data without root permissions.

System Backup and Recovery

The first method is to use the Android system's backup and restore function. Many Android smartphone manufacturers allow users to create backups using built-in system apps. Backups made in this way are stored on the SD card and are not encrypted. Therefore, law enforcement officers can use this simple method to access WhatsApp communication records.

You can create backups of WhatsApp using your smartphone. Users should remember to find the Backup Restore app in the tools folder, make a new backup and check WhatsApp. Then you can find the WhatsApp backup data on your phone SD card. This backup contains all unencrypted database files and WhatsApp key files. Now all we have to do is analyze the target database using mobile forensics tools.

Backup downgrade

Another way is to downgrade your WhatsApp app to the unencrypted version. WhatsApp is the last version that doesn't enforce encrypted backups. So you can downgrade WhatsApp to v.2.11.431 without deleting user data, create a backup file with an older version of WhatsApp, and then extract the desired database. This process requires user expertise and carries the risk of permanent data loss. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use professional forensic tools for version downgrade.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Now that you know how to extract WhatsApp database files from your smartphone, let's see how to use database files to recover deleted files other than WhatsApp messages on Android and iOS devices. Users can delete WhatsApp messages in two ways. Users either delete messages one by one using the clear/delete chat button to delete all messages at once. According to the test results, no matter which way the user deletes the message, the message can be recovered in the following ways.

I mentioned earlier that WhatsApp uses an SQLite database to store messages. Unlike Android system, iOS system stores all WhatsApp related data in ChatStorage.sqlite database. These database files usually have cache files with the suffix "-wal". In most cases, these cache files have a size of 0, but if these cache files are not of size 0, they may contain important data that is not yet stored in the database. Note that when this happens, if you don't care about these cache files, the information stored in them may be overwritten and unavailable.

Analysis shows that normally accessed WhatsApp messages are stored in msgstore.db and deleted messages are stored in message cache file msgstore.db-wal. WhatsApp always saves messages in a cache file before saving it to the actual database. Interestingly, cache files can be larger than database files. This is because a message can only be stored in the database as a record, and cache files have no such restriction. Messages can be in multiple records at the same time. Hence, you have a chance to recover deleted or lost WhatsApp messages.

However, to avoid overwriting data already in the cache file, you cannot open the database file directly until the cache file is properly processed. It first processes the cache file, matches features, and then saves and analyzes all the data in the cache file.

When the user deletes the message, the record corresponding to the message is usually also deleted from msgstore.db. However, some records of this message may remain in the msgstore.db-wal cache file. The image below shows "This is the "test message" before and after the message was deleted. As you can see, even if the message is deleted, the relevant data is kept in the cache file and the recorded offset position remains the same.

So when analyzing, msgstore. provides a way to extract db-wal cache files and recover deleted or lost WhatsApp messages. The above-mentioned methods can extract deleted WhatsApp data effectively and reliably, and it is also the perfect solution for recovering deleted messages and clearing chat history programs.

Marriage should be happy and harmonious, so that you will not be hurt; your partner should be loyal and loving, so that you will suffer, and betrayal should not happen, so that you will be so wronged and unfair. This is the interpretation that each of us will have in the face of crisis. These interpretations come from our inner self-protection of ourselves, which can also be called self-defense.

We instinctively reject events that are unfriendly to us, even if the fact that these events have occurred is an indelible fact, this instinct is self-defense. The original intention of defense is good, and it is beneficial to ourselves. We cannot let ourselves be hurt, we cannot let ourselves not be loved, and we cannot let ourselves be wronged and unfair.

But in reality, many defenses are often ineffective, or many self-defenses do not bring real help to the individual's own needs and feelings. Self-defense is just helping the individual to strengthen the feeling of "being hurt, not being loved, suffering grievance and injustice" over and over again, and then letting the individual stay in pain, resentment, and injustice for themselves. in anger.

Many painful events do not mean that a solution cannot be found, but most of the time individuals stay in the beliefs brought about by self-defense, and continue to ask "why betrayal happened, why did he betray the marriage, why is my marriage unhappy" and so on. Self-consumption in the problem.

In fact, in the face of marital crisis, most people who suffer from pain are eager to find a way to solve the problem, or to have a way to make themselves no longer in pain. There is a truth that needs to be broken through and needs to be discovered in the pain, and dug out, and needs to learn to face it again.

painful truth

In the face of marital crisis, follow the self-internal concept to interpret the incident, and do not go deep into the incident, explore the reason for the incident, and whether there is a better solution. That is to say, when the betrayed partner feels distressed and keeps thinking about whether to forgive him, trust him, or simply end the relationship, the thought is not solving the problem, the source of the thought some inner concepts.

People who betray marriages are not credible, marriages that encounter betrayal will not get better, and people who betray marriages just don't love. With such a setting, self-defense will "closely" protect you, and lead you to find a way to quickly withdraw without causing yourself pain, and because the more you want to quickly withdraw from the pain, you will fall into More and more chaotic, confused and tangled situation.

Psychologists believe that the more we know the facts, the more easily we can deal with problems; the less we know about the facts, the more confusing our thinking will be.

The same is true on the issue of marital crisis. When the betrayed party looks at the marital crisis based on the interpretation of his own inner concept, he will come to a conclusion similar to his own inner concept:

"He betrayed his marriage, and once he betrayed there will be another time; our marriage has been betrayed, and it is difficult to go back to the past; if you can betray your marriage to love another person, he just doesn't love him anymore, how can I do it again? to love him".

We will find that these conclusions are like slogans that are forbidden to pass. You have to let go of your expectations for the future of your marriage. You have to choose to believe, but you don't know whether this choice is acceptable to you.

So, in the face of marital crisis, try to understand the facts of marital crisis, maybe you will have different answers, these answers are the answers you don't want to face or admit in your heart, but they are also the answers you always insist on needing.

Maybe you will be very confused, what is the answer you don't want to face but insist on? It is your inner reluctance, nostalgia, and hope. The original concept and self-defense tell you that if you are betrayed, you must let go of these expectations of this person; but your inner feelings cannot tolerate deception, and you must integrate your feelings and the actual situation to solve the problem.

Or go a step further, you need to be aware of your original concepts and your self-defense state, so that you can have a more mature ability to manage your life.

So try to understand the facts of marital crisis, how to do it?

For example, in the past, under your persistent concept, you would think that his betrayal was unforgivable, and that he was deliberately hurting you. At this time, your thinking mode is at a linear level, and you think that there is only one cause for an event; you also think that such an event can only have one effect.

Look back at the marriage relationship, to see your actual relationship mode, to see how you resolve conflicts when you encounter them, and to see your attention and response to your respective needs. You'll agree that marital crises are not a single cause, and that many of these relationship problems are some of the reasons why marriages can experience crises.

Of course, the betrayal of a betrayal is wrong, and he cannot use marital problems as a reason to betray a marriage, but your mindset will go into system mode, and you can find some relationship problems before the outcome of a marital crisis.

And the original problems in these relationships have become the entry point for better solutions to the marital crisis: improve the problems in your marriage, and your marital relationship will be improved, adjusted and repaired. These discoveries will bring hope to the reluctance, nostalgia, and expectations in your heart, and these hopes will start to loosen for you.

You no longer think that a marriage that has experienced betrayal will absolutely no longer have trust, you no longer think that betrayal is not love, and your instinctive self-defense will also loosen, which will make you feel that facing a marriage crisis, you have more You don't have to suppress your feelings and accept reality.

Every individual has a rebellious mentality. When reality tells you that there is only one choice, you will be very resistant. When you have many choices, even if your choice is the same as before, you will be more accepting, and you will not Embarrass yourself again.

How to get around the concept of attachment?

This question is actually the most critical issue in this article. The persistent belief will loosen, and no matter how much you understand, it will be useless, and it may turn into new anger: "He betrayed his marriage, and I still need to find him for him. Excuse"?

According to the normal mode of coping with problems, you need to break these notions within you before you accept the suggestion to take a look at the relationship and learn more about the facts.

Allow yourself to have these obsessions, these thoughts may cause you to fall into the pain of swinging and tangled, but tell yourself that they are there to protect you, and you are also protecting yourself.

After the first step, in your calm state, try to ask yourself, what is the pain of the marital crisis prompting you? What have you learned from the pain of being betrayed? and try to give your answer.

This kind of heuristic question will bring you the role of "changing your mind", and it is important to learn to change your mind.

From complaining about the pain to thinking about what the tips of the pain are; from resisting the crisis of marriage, to whether this will make you know each other and marriage better; from experiencing this pain is very wronged and unfair, to whether you have gained something from it, become more mature and energetic.

There are two sides to things. Nothing happens is absolutely bad or absolutely good. Turning around is the one who suffers in the marriage crisis, and it is best to learn new skills.

This ability may bring different endings to the marriage crisis, and it may become an ability to make the rest of your life happier. It may also turn every difficulty you encounter into an opportunity on the road of life, and let the future road Filled with wishful thinking, leading to happiness.

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