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How to Spy on Partners Phone Without Installing Software

WhatsApp Messages Spy App For Monitoring WhatsApp Chats

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Powerful software monitoring

Phone monitoring. You can monitor the actual call content of the target phone, monitor real-time calls by intercepting calls, and receive secret SMS notifications when the target phone initiates a call. Note: To use this function, the three-way calling function must be turned on in the SIM card number of the target phone.

Environmental monitoring. Remotely activate the microphone when the target phone is not speaking. Listen to the surroundings of the themed calls, such as room conversations, street noise, meeting secrets, restaurant appointments, and more.

Read text messages. Read the content of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Even if the target phone deletes the text messages, the text messages can be backed up. All SMS text messages will be sent to your secure web account in all languages.

Please read the email. All emails will be sent to your secure web account, even if the target phone deletes them, such as email addresses, phone contacts, contact names, etc. All languages are supported.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Call log query. You can view all call logs of the target phone, including contact name and number, call date and time, call duration, and call or answer.

Read the messenger chat. Read the messenger chat history of the target phone. Both iPhone and Android can read WhatsAPP messages and support all languages, even if history is deleted or not saved.

GPS location tracking. For target phones with integrated GPS functionality, use the GPS feature to locate the exact location of the target phone, map it to a secure network account, and update configuration settings to a specific geographic location in real time. can be displayed. period.

Base station location. If the target mobile phone does not have GPS function, it can be tracked through the base station. You can use cell tower locations in any environment to see the geographic location of the target cell phone within a specific time period.

Address book query. The names and numbers of all contacts in the target phone's address book. You can query in real time and follow the instructions to upload to a secure web account.

Internet History. Check the websites visited by the target mobile phone. It can display all websites with URL links visited by the mobile phone browser, and supports the multimedia version.

You can automatically turn on the camera function, take pictures of the scene around the target phone, and secretly instruct the target phone to upload the captured files to a secure online account. You need to log in to a secure web account to instantly see the scene around the target phone.

SIM card replacement notification. If the SIM card of the target phone changes, the software continues to collect and report all the same data and send SMS to the pre-configured phone to continue monitoring the new SIM card after the change. This is a very useful SIM card.

You can change your device at any time. Phones are fashion items that many people change frequently, support the same operating system and allow you to install an unlimited number of replacements on the target phone.

All functions can be changed remotely without touching the target phone again. All functions are controlled by sending secret SMS commands to the target phone. The SMS command you sent cannot be detected on the target phone. You can start, stop and change all functions.

Unlike most of its competitors, the icon does not appear on the target phone after installation and cannot be detected.

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  • You can view all call logs of the target phone, including contact name and number, date and time of the call, duration of the call, as well as call or answer, WhatsApp conversation content.
  • Assuming you suspect your partner thinks they're having an affair, use a spy app to track all the data on their phone, such as call logs, messages, location, and conversations.
  • With cell phone monitoring app, you can record call sound and track the exact location of the target cell phone user. Spy App is one of the best apps to record call audio.