HOMEMonitor Phone Activity RemotelyHow to Spy on My Partner WhatsApp Messages Without Access to the Phone

How to Spy on My Partner WhatsApp Messages Without Access to the Phone

Track Any Mobile Phone Activity Without Permission Remotely

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Due to the development of modern technology and the rich functions of mobile phones, smart phones are more and more widely used in people's lives. People seem to be increasingly inseparable from their mobile phones, whenever and wherever they are. Mobile Internet browsing, shopping, photographing, video recording, recording, navigation and other functions have brought great convenience to life and work, and greatly improved people's work efficiency and life pleasure.

But while we enjoy the efficiency and convenience that mobile phones bring to work and life, mobile phones also bring us some long-standing problems. For example, data may be accidentally lost or deleted due to human factors or mobile phone failure, the mobile phone may be infected with a malicious virus, or the mobile phone may be embedded with Trojan spyware, data and account information may be stolen, and personal privacy may be lost or leaked.

If you accidentally delete important data or information from your phone, forget your password, or your phone is damaged and you cannot view your important data or information, please delete the password and restore the data in your phone..In order to fully restore the important data and information in the mobile phone and prevent the mobile phone from losing data or damaging the mobile phone device during the data recovery and extraction process, in order to avoid leakage of the user's personal privacy, you need to use professional technology to complete this task.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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Mobile phone data can recover deleted data in mobile phone memory and memory card, such as roster, text messages, message content of chat software, photos, photos, audio, video and other document files in various formats.

Cell Phone Data Extraction App Data, Password, IM (Instant Messaging), Contacts, SMS, Email, Calendar, Multimedia, Call History, Cell Phone Details (IMEI/ESN), ICCID and IMSI, SIM Card Location Information (TMIS Function Extraction ), MCC, MNCs, Latin America and the Caribbean). At the same time, the SIM card ID of the mobile phone can be copied and the GPS track data can be extracted.

Mobile phone data decryption can decrypt application data, passwords, emails, call records, text messages, contacts, calendars, media files, GPS information, etc. Extensive extraction and decoding of applications, email, Bluetooth, and more. Decrypt WhatsApp's encrypted history database with other data.

Spyware and Trackers

Mobile phone Stalkerware is stalkerware because it is capable of eavesdropping on all data such as images, videos, emails, text messages, etc. under the control of a monitor, as well as eavesdropping and eavesdropping using regular collection lines or VoIP applications..Intercept real-time call records. However, while cell phone spy apps are generally not targeted at individuals, cell phone tracking apps are tightly controlled targets, stealing photos, text messages, wiretapping phone calls, and conducting conversations over the Internet, which can be secretly recorded. Additionally, phone tracking apps can intercept communications from apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and iMessage.

How to decrypt WhatsApp database

Like many smartphone apps, WhatsApp stores data in SQLite database files. For WhatsApp on Android devices, these two databases are the most important. One is msgstore.db, which contains chat history, and the other is wa.db, which contains contact list. WhatsApp has a backup feature that backs up the database to the SD card, so dealing with these databases is relatively easy. You can access the SD card without permission (eg root). However, after installing the latest security updates, the WhatsApp database is encrypted and cannot be directly analyzed, posing a big challenge. Chat logs, message logs, and call logs use the AES-256 standard, but media files such as photos and videos are not encrypted. Also, WhatsApp encryption has been updated from Crypt5, Crypt7, Crypt8 to Crypt12.

So how do you hack the WhatsApp database at this point? wool cloth? The most important step is to get the key. When a user backs up WhatsApp for the first time, an encryption key is generated. It is not stored in the cloud, only on the smartphone, and each smartphone corresponds to a different key. Therefore, to decrypt the database, you must first take a backup from the database. Extract the encryption key from your phone. The specific path to the encryption key is userdata/data/com.whatsapp/files/key.

Based on the findings of data forensics experts, we have developed a special algorithm that can use this key file to decrypt the WhatsApp database. Soon we will release this tool and integrate it into the Smartphone Forensic System (SPF) so that even users without computer programming skills can successfully decrypt WhatsApp's encrypted database. Users only need to import the key file and encrypted database file, and the program can automatically generate the correct unencrypted database file.

How to Bypass WhatsApp Encryption

However, if you don't root the device, getting the key file is not easy. Now let's see how to bypass WhatsApp encryption mechanism and how to extract WhatsApp data without root access.

Key files and unencrypted databases are always stored in the WhatsApp directory. If you have access to these files, you can view your WhatsApp communication history on your current device. The only problem is that you cannot directly access these files without root privileges.

Remember cheating is never your fault. Don't call yourself a loser, it's not destiny either! Personality really affects you for a lifetime. Most people with low self-esteem will be like this counselor. Once they fail, they will consider themselves a failure and feel that they are useless or that they did something wrong that caused all this to happen.

It's not about reflecting on your own fault, but when you experience pain, you will find every reason to refuse to accept it objectively. For example, I have seen a lot of people, especially women, who will try their best to save their husbands after cheating. She felt that if she had been nicer to her husband before, he would not have cheated on him.

Cheating is never your fault. Things depend on your mentality, since it is a mentality, it can be changed!

It's been three years since my partner cheated. Looking back, I see that I have been cowardly for the past three years, not a man at all. Even though she cheated on her, I still begged her to let her not leave. I felt like I was a bitch before. Now I want to change, at least not be so humble to her, what should I do?

I asked him a few questions that you can also ask yourself:

How do you feel about your character?

What happened to you that formed your character now, and what keeps you going now?

How do you feel about your partner's infidelity? If you are not satisfied, are you willing to change from this moment?

Are you willing to take responsibility for yourself?

Marriage is sacred, since you have chosen to be with this person, you must treat him wholeheartedly. Betrayal cannot be tolerated in marriage. If you betray each other, your relationship will collapse overnight, but a relationship needs two people. Run together, not stick to one person. If there is a woman in a marriage who often does this kind of thing, men should pay attention. This woman is prone to cheating. Don't pay attention to it, otherwise the relationship will easily end.

Talk to other men without telling you the truth

Marriage is sacred. Marriage is a matter between two people. If a third party is mixed up, the relationship between you will not be pure, and this relationship may not be sustainable. There are many women who are easy to betray love. The opposite sex, because of such favorable conditions, she can betray you even more.

Moreover, she is always habitually chatting with other men behind your back. When you ask her, she will not take the initiative to mention it, or even lie to deceive you. Such a woman is easier to betray you. Men must improve alert.

Always compliment other men in front of you

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If a woman is always complimenting another man in front of you, this woman will definitely not love you, every man needs face, she must know that you don't like to be compared with others, she not only does things you hate, but always puts You said it worse than others, you can only say that she likes that man more than you.

Divorce is often filed

There will definitely be many problems and difficulties in getting along between husband and wife, but as long as the hearts of two people are connected, there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome, but if one of them does not cherish that relationship, that relationship will always be there. It will disappear one day.

If a woman often tells you about divorce, she must have a tendency to have an affair. If she encounters a woman who doesn't love you and encounters a little conflict, she always likes to talk about divorce, which proves that in her eyes, she If you don't cherish this marriage, she doesn't like being with you anymore.

It needs to be emphasized that a marriage is jointly guarded by two people. If one of them maintains the relationship well on the surface, and the other party often does things that destroy the relationship, the relationship will eventually end!

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