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How to Read My Wife WhatsApp Messages on My Phone Without Her Knowing

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How to use the voice recorder of a Samsung phone?

Samsung phones have always been one of the most popular brands in the market and it is developing smartphones with several features, one of which is recording. The recording function is very important, you can record the sound of the event anytime, anywhere. Samsung mobile phone recorder is easy to find, learn how to use the built-in recorder function of Samsung mobile phone.

The audio recorder that comes with Samsung phones is included in the list of applications.

After turning on the power, click [Applications]. Go to the application page and click the recorder options icon. Go to the recording page and click the record button. This page indicates that you are recording and have started recording. When you are done recording, click the stop button. The recording page saves the recording file, indicating that the recording is successful.

google recording feature

Phone call recording is not a native feature integrated into Android. Phone manufacturers usually integrate this functionality into their ROMs based on market demand. In recent years, reports have surfaced that Google intends to integrate these features into Android. According to the latest news, Google's call recording feature will be available directly through the app upgrade.

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Google recently released a support document on how to use the app to log phone calls, but it has since been removed. According to related screenshots in media reports, Google will add call recording to Android smartphones. It is only supported on systems running Android 9 and higher, and should be used on "supported devices and countries".

This is the first time using the call recording feature. Where possible, you will be notified of your responsibility to comply with local laws and regulations. When a user makes a recording, another user can also receive relevant notification information. start or end. The call recording feature is only available when the call is connected. Call recordings are stored locally on your device. You can click the recent call, select the corresponding call record, and view and process the recording file. Therefore, since the laws of some countries and regions do not support call recording, it is difficult for Google to introduce the call recording function from the perspective of privacy.

Call recording was a feature available in Android versions prior to Android 9 Pie. In Andro via id 9 Pie, Google has shut down the developer of a solution for recording voice over phone calls. Since the release of the Android 6 system, Google has not provided an official call recording API, and users can only rely on the pre-installed call recording function in the OEM dialer.

Currently, the Google Phone app does not support call recording. We know that Google is working hard to revive the call recording API in a future version of Android, but that means users who absolutely need the call recording feature will need to find other ways, such as the Pixel series and the Android One series. It's a smartphone. Third-party related applications.

Happy marriages are similar, but unhappy marriages are different. In married life, there will inevitably be bumps and bumps, and there will inevitably be various problems.

Faced with these problems, some people will feel that my luck is not good enough, I met the wrong person in the best time, it will be a happy life. Some people feel that when you have a problem, you always have to find a solution and not let it break. In fact, most people have problems in their marriages. When there are problems in a marriage, a person's attitude toward the problem can also affect the direction of the relationship.

In fact, it is not your partner, but your attitude towards marriage and yourself, that really decides whether a marriage is good or bad, and what determines some good changes.

If you are chronically full of dissatisfaction and grievances and do not take steps to improve your marital status, you will be disappointed in questioning your marriage. When you face problems positively, proactively identify problems and improve your marital status, your married life will become more and more fluid.

This is the healing power of marriage that can be mastered through study and practice. Today I'm here to share with you three tips for saving a broken marriage in your married life, which are also easier to learn.

experience each other's feelings

Most couples have relationships that break down because both are self-centered personalities. When things go wrong, they point fingers at each other from their respective perspectives and feel that the other person doesn't think about you. In fact, when you think so, you are not thinking about the other side.

Marriage is like a mirror. You have a gentle attitude and vice versa. If you kill him, he will not be sincere to you.

When you change your perspective and think from the other person's point of view, you'll find that each other's problems are actually less of a problem than you might think. This way, you can get to know each other better, experience each other's feelings, and be more conducive to improving the feelings of both people.

So, when you find such problems in your relationships, learn to think from a different perspective. The more understanding and tolerant you are, the more you will think about things from the other person's perspective, so naturally many couples' problems can be solved.

Dealing with balance in a marital relationship

Marriage is not the contribution of one person, but the operation and management of two people. Marriage and life relationships also need balance. If only one party knows how to run a marriage, and only one party is willing to pay, then the marriage is doomed to break up.

As the balance of this marriage relationship is broken, it will lead to mutual exclusion of two people, the breakdown of the marriage, and even the breakdown of the relationship. If you are in this situation, then if you want to avoid a tragic ending, save your lover, and save your marriage, you should clarify the positions, responsibilities and obligations of both in the marriage to keep the marriage in balance.

There is not much difference between active and passive. You need to think carefully about whether the relationship is balanced. Learn to give appropriately, not just ask the other person to give. Relationships require mutual understanding and trust between both parties. If you have been worrying about gains and losses, suspicious of each other, or even have excessive possessiveness to control each other, this will make men not get the respect they deserve, and the love experience will be worse.

a brief separation

It is said that a small difference is better than a newly married. This sentence applies to couples as well as between husband and wife. Husbands and wives have been together for many years, every day together, and after a long period of time, they get tired aesthetically. At this point, temporary isolation is best.

Time is the best medicine. It will forget your weaknesses and deepen your strengths, especially with two affectionate people. If you lose one of them, you won't get used to it. When someone comes back, the feelings are deeper.

Every marriage is worth managing, just as every memory is worth preserving. Marriage and family deserve attention. The most important thing is to live your life well. Don't let yourself have a sad marriage and your children a broken home.

It takes a lot of hard work to create a family and destroy a family overnight. Dealing with marriage is a rare science, and most marriages are not as incurable as you might think.

Mastering the above three techniques can help you easily save your marriage when it is on the verge of breaking down.

Many times, it's not that you don't fall in love with each other, but that the freshness, romance, and passion of the past fade away over time, which exposes many problems between you, causing you to start quarreling, arguing, and talking harshly. Hurt each other and eventually part ways! You know clearly: even after breaking up for so many days, he still loves you, and you don't want to give up on him!

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