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How to Get My Wife's Text Messages Without Permission for Free

WhatsApp Messages Spy App For Monitoring WhatsApp Chats

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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The compatibility of the phone tracking software is very good, compatible with almost all Android and iOS devices. Under normal circumstances, after installing the app on the target mobile phone, it is not easy to be found and deleted, and all the content of the other party's mobile phone can be displayed online. The invisibility of the application is very high, the icon does not appear anywhere on the target device, and all activity information on the target device is updated remotely at any time. In addition, the software can monitor call logs, read conversation messages, view photos and videos, track your device's GPS location, turn on your phone's microphone, record your surrounding location, and more.

Understand the purpose of cell phone tracking software

One of the most commonly used functions of cell phone tracking software is monitoring your child. Parents can view their children's online activities and locations. Many parents are very concerned about the risks their children face when using the Internet. Protect your family and catch cheating couples in time. If your wife/husband betrays you, you can use tracking software to find the location of your phone, see who he is chatting with on social media, discover the truth and save your marriage. Mobile software can keep older adults, especially those with dementia, safe. GPS positioning can help you find unfamiliar environments and people who might get lost. Paying attention to the online activities of older adults can also help prevent them from falling victim to scammers and thieves.

Mobile Phone Spy App
Monitor calls, SMS, Gps, Camera, Photos, Videos, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
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How to install cell phone monitoring software and complete the setup?

Installing surveillance software on your phone is easy, but you need access to your phone. If you don't have physical access to your phone, you won't be able to mount your phone. If you don't think your phone is at least 10-15 minutes old, maybe you should look for other ways to monitor your target phone.

After creating an account on the web, log in to your account. The website will show you the complete installation process. This website describes how to install the phone and does not require any technical expertise to complete the installation. First, allow your phone to install apps from unknown sources and disable the Google Play Protect option (Settings/Google/Security/Google Play Protect/Scan Device for Security Threats off). Now you are ready to install it on your monitored phone. Open the download link on the target phone. Once the page loads, swipe right to start downloading the.apk file. Once the download is complete, the installation process will be similar to installing any other application. After installing the app, launch the app and log into the account interface created above. Open the app and complete all permission settings (otherwise you may not be able to use all monitoring features). This will ultimately help you track all your mobile activities. After allowing all permission requests, you need to launch Device Manager. Finally, you can choose to show or hide the icons on the target phone. Then select Start Monitoring. This will start syncing the data on the target phone with the server. You can directly enter the background of the website to check whether the target device has successfully installed the monitoring application. If all goes well, you will be prompted for a success message. Just wait a few minutes and your phone will upload the data to the server. This may take some time, depending on the amount of data and the speed of your internet connection. You should be able to see details like call logs, contacts, messages, photos, etc.

What you need to know before using

How to get the software? The open download connection is on the console. Just log in to your account, find the download interface in the console interface, open the download link, and download the application to the device you want to monitor. Do I need physical access to my device to install the app? You need physical access to your smartphone to install the app. Do I need to root my Android phone before installing the app? Don't worry your phone doesn't have to be rooted here, you can just download the hidden tracking app and you're good to go. However, if you want to spy on instant messages like Facebook Messenger, Instagram private messages, WhatsApp, etc., you need a rooted phone. Does my child know the software is installed or running? Can you detect it? The only way they know is if they selected "I want to keep the image". If this option is not selected, nothing will be displayed to notify the user. After the installation is complete, the app icon will disappear automatically and will not be detected. Is it legal to use this software? CellSpy is a professional cell phone monitor, a solution designed for parents and employers to legally monitor cell phone usage. Do not use this product if you want to monitor a phone that you do not own or have permission to monitor.

How to uninstall mobile phone monitoring software?

To hide the app icon, follow these steps: Phone Settings/Security/Device Manager/System Update Services/Disable/Uninstall If the app icon exists on your phone, tap it and select Uninstall.

In the face of cheating, your marriage must have a bottom line. Remember, you have to be in the water to learn to swim.

As a marriage counselor, I have seen many families suffering.

There are roughly two types:

One pain is when couples realize their problem is cheating, but can't fix it;

Another pain is the pain of accusation. The cheated person believes that he cannot change the cheater, creating a severe sense of powerlessness.

To solve the pain of all derailed families, it is nothing more than starting from four aspects:

In the face of cheating, the hurt sense of self-worth;

After emotional injury, the way of passing information between husband and wife, I call it communication;

How to build trust and restore normal functioning of the family system?

How to repair social relationships affected by cheating?

Before that, I need you to face the issue of cheating!

If you don't face the problem, you can never solve it! Just like if you don't get into the water, you'll never learn to swim! Of course it won't be easy, but trust me, it's worth it for you! To avoid talking about cheating is not helpful!

Three problems in marriage

Are you satisfied with your current married life?

Do you think that you and your partner can be as close as friends, trusting, understanding and caring for each other?

Do you think it is a lucky thing to have such a partner, does it make you happy?

I believe that the friends who read this article after reading this article, most of you have problems in your marriage. You are dissatisfied with your current marriage, and you feel that your partner is no longer the one who can come into your heart. Having such a partner won't make you happy, and you'll even feel ashamed. Because the other party cheated.

I don't mean to laugh at your marital status, I just want to say: when your marriage and your family have problems, you can't live in a mess anymore. You can't turn a blind eye to your own pain, you should be responsible for your own life!

In the face of cheating, your marriage must have a bottom line

Whenever I come into contact with couples who come for counseling, I can always feel a disturbing vibe between them. This atmosphere can actually be felt by the counselor and her partner. It was as if the whole home was frozen, there was no warmth, only a smirk and superficial politeness.

That is a careful way of getting along, to deliberately avoid topics related to derailment. Otherwise, there will be a fierce quarrel at any time, just like the depression before the storm. You are afraid of doing something wrong to break the peace, and you are even more afraid of the emotional collapse of the doomsday.

I know it's hard to be happy in a family like this. Because from the root, what the cold marriage hides is the deep sadness. As a person, it is very difficult to live in such a painful marriage, because you cannot enjoy the happiness that a woman should have.

Not to mention the intimate contact between husband and wife, don't avoid each other, just bury your head in work or socializing! In my opinion, this is a very naive way of getting along, but for those who are in it, it is a kind of torture. This torment is not only the loneliness and pain in my heart, but also the helplessness without hope. The most terrifying thing is that after this kind of derailment, the relationship between husband and wife has shown indifferent and indifferent! This means that both spouses are silently enduring day-to-day torment, or simply destroying others in desperation.

I think compared to this kind of marriage, those couples who have been quarreling after cheating are actually better, at least they still have the possibility and hope of recovery. So when the marriage develops to this level, I usually don't take counseling, because the possibility of repairing is very small. They are so used to this kind of marriage that they have little incentive to change.

When a person is used to pain, he becomes numb and forgets the happiness that he should enjoy as a human being. No one deliberately chooses such a lifestyle, they all have to accept it after their partner cheats! Then pause for a moment and ask your heart, can you accept your partner cheating? Can you accept such a painful life?

So what kind of life do you want to live? You want to express yourself freely in the family, you want your child to be cared for and understood by your lover, do you want your child to have a healthy growth environment? As a person, I want to be valued, loved, and cared for!

When real life cannot satisfy me, I will try to change my life and refuse to accept that I am not valued, that I am not cared for, that I am not cared for. Because what kind of life you accept, what kind of life you will live.

  • You can remotely monitor the call content of the target phone, monitor real-time calls by intercepting calls, and secretly receive SMS notifications when the target phone initiates a call.
  • You can view all call logs of the target phone, including contact name and number, date and time of the call, duration of the call, as well as call or answer, WhatsApp conversation content.
  • Assuming you suspect your partner thinks they're having an affair, use a spy app to track all the data on their phone, such as call logs, messages, location, and conversations.